Working with Livecom: the concrete benefits

Embracing a new customer contact system… you do not do that every day. What improvements will you see when you choose Livecom? Below we have listed the 6 most common benefits for you.

1. Working more efficiently

Every manager has the goal of achieving more, sometimes forced to do so with fewer people. But a lower service level is no longer accepted by the modern consumer. How will you tackle this challenge?

The solutions from Livecom enable your team to work more efficiently than ever. Use our all-in-one application to easily serve multiple customer contact channels “ chat, Facebook Messenger, e-mail, call “ without losing the overview.

We are responding to 95% of all customer support emails within 24 hours. Customers find answers themselves easily. And if they don't, we offer live chat instantly. Great!

CRM Manager Typhone

With the increase in the number of chats, pressure decreased on both the telephony and the e-mail channel.

Project manager - Information Hogeschool Rotterdam

2. More conversions

Seizing on the momentum, that is what it is all about in sales. Chat is an outstanding contact channel for serving potential customers at the moment that they need your help or advice. In addition, just the availability of a chat button creates confidence that you are available to them. In short, with chat you significantly lower the barrier to purchasing.

You can leave the initiative to your online visitors by responding to chats that they initiate (reactive chat). But you can also go a step further by starting chat conversations yourself with certain visitors who meet criteria you set on the basis of their online behaviour and history (proactive chat). Livecom has been offering both chat modules for years.

More than 10% of visitors engaged in a chat conversation will convert to purchase

Webshop Marketeer Manutan

As many as 15% of visitors that were engaged in a chat conversation eventually booked a holiday with us.

IT Director Bizz Travel

3. Higher customer satisfaction

Customers have questions They way in which you handle these questions as a company determines how satisfied they are, and satisfied customers come back. It starts with a good FAQ on your website, which enables online visitors to quickly find information that they need for themselves.

Then the key is to offer different contact options, so that your customers can ask their questions through their preferred channel. And then it is up to you to answer those questions quickly and completely. All Livecom modules contribute to achieving high customer satisfaction.

Ziggo's higher purpose is to maintain a lasting and happy relationship with its customers - also online. Service via chat is definitely a part of it.

Channel Manager Sales Ziggo

From our customer satisfaction survey shows that customers really appreciate this kind of support.

IT Director Bizz Travel

4. More insight for managers

As a manager, you have certain goals that you can only achieve with the right insights. In order to manage your team in a focused way, Livecom offers comprehensive reporting, statistics, analyses and export capabilities.

Know exactly what is going on: per channel, per employee, you name it. You thus optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your team, and you support the business cases for new investments, for example, in the area of customer service.

The power Livecom lies not only in making a good customer contact platform, but accompany you until after going live during the entire process of implementation, training

Manager Consumer Relations Douwe Egberts

The chats give us more insight into what is important to our customers and how we can be more service-oriented.

Product manager City Box

5. User-friendly tool

For you as a manager, it is important that your customer service employees are positive about the tools with which they have to work. In addition, it appears from research that satisfied agents realize higher customer satisfaction.

The solutions from Livecom are therefore especially user-friendly for the actual users: the agents who work with them. No-nonsense, web-based, intuitive: with Livecom, you can get started immediately and anywhere.

Livecom has a very user chat application that the agents quickly master. Everyone is very excited about it.

Channel Manager Sales Ziggo

Livecom is a simple, user-friendly application with a great interface. After just one hour of technical instructions were our volunteers ready to go.

Directeur Telefonische Hulpdienst Utrecht

6. Guidance from experts

Implementing a new customer contact system is the first significant challenge; continuously optimizing your customer contact is the second. To get everything possible out of such a system, and to set it up exactly the way you want, personal support is not just a luxury.

Our team of experts guides you and your organization from implementation to optimization. Of course we make your unique situation central in that. Our years of experience in various sectors also enables us, though, to share with you the ‘best practices’ that are relevant for you.

Our experience with Livecom are very positive. Our contact at Livecom thinks actively and is easily accessible. Successful cooperation.

Content Manager Service desk ICS

Livecom has already helped many large companies and their best practices are very helpful. Their experts think along in a discreet, professional manner.

Product manager City Box