A number of relief groups associated with the Belgische Centum Algemeen Welzijn have been using Livecom’s chat application since 2011 to be able to help people in need even better. The accessibility of this online means of communication is highly suitable for those wanting to ask anonymous questions.

It concerns the following websites:

  • Childfocus.be – support service for people with questions about child sex abuse;
  • Teleonthaal.be – support service for people wanting to speak anonymously about their worries, fears and problems;
  • Zelfmoordlijn.be – emergency service for people with suicide thoughts, and their family and friends;
  • Kjt.org (Child and youth help line) – support service for children and youngsters who have questions or problems;
  • Holebifoon.be – support service for people with questions about gay/lesbian/bi sexuality;
  • Slachtofferchat.be – support service for victims of violence looking for anonymous help via internet;
  • Teleblok.be – support service for hogeschool  and university students wanting to express their feelings during exam periods;
  • Jac.be – support service for youngsters from 12 to 25 years who have questions about anything and everything.