Today, International Card Services (ICS) is beginning a chat pilot of three months. Those who apply for a Visa World Card online can start a chat conversation with an ICS service employee with one click of a button. “With live chat, we are making the application process a good deal more direct, faster and easier”, says Buster Kok of the ICS Service Desk.

The pilot is running during the Visa World Card recruitment campaign of ICS that started recently: through the 31st of August 2014, you can choose a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses with a Visa World Card. Buster Kok: “Of course we want to make it as easy as possible for the customers during the application process. We expect questions about the credit card and the promotional conditions, but also about completing the form. The chat button is therefore shown on the online application form.”
The team of the ICS Service Desk is ready to answer questions via live chat. “And we are excited about it”, Buster says. “Our experiences with Livecom have so far been very positive. They collaborate actively and are easy to reach. We are looking forward to further positive collaboration!