A great many well-known companies use the software of Livecom to deliver better, faster customer service via live chat, e-mail or self-service. City Box is one of them.

With 23 locations in the Netherlands, City Box, founded in 1998, is the country’s largest provider of self-storage. Both individuals and commercial customers are assisted with customized solutions for the storage of furnishings, hobby supplies, seasonal articles, archive materials and other goods.

The story of City Box

The Netherlands has a great many renters of storage space, but City Box is different. “Where other parties play games with prices, we focus deliberately on service”, says online product manager Andries Cupido. “We are the only self-storage provider that cares more about the customer than the product itself.”

Customer focus is service focus. “We can be reached in different ways, so if you have questions, we make it easy to ask them. You can email us, call us, and since December 2013, chat with us. We are where the customer is, so to an increasing degree, online.”

The live chat application from Livecom was launched simultaneously with the new website. “That was completely rewritten and redesigned from the customer’s perspective. The chat functionality of Livecom fits perfectly with such a customer-focused approach.”

Live chat: significant improvement in the service quality

Coincidentally, or not, Andries did his own research in 2010 into the service quality of the largest webshops in the Netherlands. “At that time, only 4% of the Dutch top shops used live chat. I found convincing evidence from American companies that their service quality was significantly improved with live chat, and have recommended live chat to Dutch companies. Certainly because it is a channel that is also cost-efficient to set up: anyone who talks on the phone with and emails customers can generally also chat.”

As a partner van internet company Centillion, Andries gained experience with live chat in their webshops. “The responses and figures in the area of chat for both service and sales are very positive. As far as I am concerned, live chat is an indispensable customer contact channel for webshops.”

In the summer of 2013, City Box hired a pair of new service employees, because the company was growing fast. Although the chat functionality was not yet being actively used then, the entire service desk, with an eye to the future, also had to be equipped to conduct chat conversations with potential customers. “There was already the thought that we should consider fast typing, good spelling and the ability to multitask in selecting new employees.”

Livecom: 10 years providing an all-in-one application for customer contact

Livecom immediately stood out as a Dutch company. “There are not many providers of live chat who can tell me how other companies are using live chat. Livecom has been around for over 10 years and has already helped so many of the big players. Those best practices are very instructive. Livecom collaborates in a discreet, professional way.”

The implementation was fast and flawless. “That became clear fairly quickly. In consultation with the web builders, the implementation was a snap. Our employees were also able to get started immediately after the demo. The chat conversations themselves give us even more insight into what is going on with our customers, and how we can be even more service-oriented.”

And the online visitors? They are enthusiastic. “Even after a simple chat conversation, we get the best compliments”, Andries says. Because there is so much demand for live chat, the availability was improved: chat is now available from 10 in the morning until 9 in the evening. “And hopefully, we will soon be able to announce even longer hours of availability.” The next step is proactive chat, with which City Box wants to increase online conversion even more. Andries: “We have high expectations for that as well.”

About Livecom

Livecom, founded in 2003, is the market leader in the Benelux in the area of customer contact software and online conversion solutions. The Livecom modules, such as Live Chat, Self Service and Email Management, enable companies like Philips, Ziggo and BMW to help customers more efficiently. You can find more information on our website.