Livecom, a web application for customer contact, and ecManager, the omnichannel e-commerce platform, have signed a partnership agreement for the availability of Livecom in the ecManager platform.

The right communication for every customer

ecManager and Livecom have entered into a partnership in which the web application of Livecom is available in ecManager. Concretely, that means that ecManager customers (webshop operators) can implement the Livecom application on their website in order to be able to always contact their end customers in the right way. The solutions that Livecom offers are namely very diverse: from WhatsApp and telephone contact, to knowledge bank, live chat, Livecom offers the right means for every customer!

Proactive chat

With the ever-growing online world, increasing numbers of professional webshops are appearing. Of course webshops have the goal of selling products, and for that it is necessary to reach the target audience at the right time with the right message. Through the addition of Livecom to their partner network, ecManager offers webshop operators full capacity to contact visitors and end customers. Webshop operators can thus always help their customers in a way that suits them. With the help of proactive chat, the webshop operator can also determine for themselves when and to whom the online chat is offered. A great example of this is to offer the chat to customers who have filled their shopping cart with a products that have a total value of €100,00 or more.

Egbert Bakker, partner manager for ecManager:

We are proud that we have been able to add Livecom to our network of software partners. Livecom offers our customers (webshop operators) every option for contacting their customers in the right ways. That means that our customers can always be relevant at the right times with the right message. That helps in convincing customers to actually buy from the webshop operator in question.

Walter Botman, CEO of Livecom:

Due to the collaboration with ecManager, customers gain the ability to utilize a total solution: from a very advanced webshop to the most efficient way of handling customer contacts. Livecom and ecManager are really complementary to each other, and we look forward to the collaboration with the utmost confidence