Livecom appoints Taco Berentschot as CTO

Livecom appoints Taco Berentschot as CTO

Livecom is proud to announce the appointment of Taco Berentschot as its new Chief Technology Officer to accelerate our future plans.

Rotterdam September 19, 2022 – Livecom announced that Taco Berentschot has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer of the company. In his role as CTO, Taco will be responsible for the technology vision, creation, development, and expansion of Livecom’s key product suite.

Taco brings 20 years of experience in software development with him. He has expertise in coaching DevOps teams, developing innovations, setting up software development processes, and guiding digitization. The passion of Taco lies in customer contact solutions and products. Taco is active with digital innovation and development in the customer contact market since 2004. He started his career at Livecom and continued at Sogeti, Winvision, KANA and Verint after which he started his own development company.

Walter Botman, Livecom’ s CEO commented, “I am pleased that Taco is part of our team from now on. With Taco on the position of CTO and his broad experience, passion for innovation, and teambuilding, we have the right knowledge, skills, and expertise to guide our future development.”

Taco Berentschot, Livecom’ s new CTO (former owner and CEO of D-Shore) commented, “After all these years I’m going back to my roots. But now with a great management team, a proprietary VOIP/telephony solution (which wasn’t there in the past), and the support of the Channel Holding investment firm. With this combination we are going to revolutionize omni-channel customer contact for the mid- and enterprise markets.”

About Livecom
Livecom is an international company with its headquarters in The Netherlands and is a market leader in the areas of customer connectivity, communication, and online conversion solutions, allowing companies to help their customers and subscribers faster and more efficiently. Livecom is the service delivery platform for your all-channel customer communication. Livecom delivers the solutions national/international on premise, in the public/private cloud, on the customers environment/cloud or in a Hybrid model. Livecom is convinced that the need for clear and easily accessible solutions for continuous innovation is immense. Together with our customers, we have achieved excellent results in the field of customer contact in recent years.