Overtoom-Manutan is achieving top results with the live chat application of Livecom. Since the commercial post order company began focusing on better chat accessibility in the summer, more than 10% of chatting visitors have actually decided on a purchase.

More than 2,000 chats have been held since July. Around 85% of the chatters indicated wanting to make use again in the future of the chat channel. “It has now become a very important and mature communications channel”, says webshop marketer Giuseppe Hentenaar. “The low-barrier tool provides the personal contact that we like to have with our customers.”

The floating chat button is linked to Google Analytics Event Tracking, so that the chatters are connected with the actual customers. “We have proven that way that live chat is also an ideal sales tool. That is why we are upscaling now. With more agents and better chat accessibility, we expect even higher returns from the live chat of Livecom.”