A little over ten years ago, ecManager was started in response to a customer need. At that time, there was not an e-commerce solution at hand to provide brands, B2C and B2B organizations with a successful e-commerce platform that is also simple to manage. From the time of its founding, it has been the belief of ecManager that complex technology should be easy to use. Webshop operators must be able to set up, manage and optimize their own webshop without needing IT skills.

The right communication for every customer

ecManager and Livecom entered into a partnership in which the web application from Livecom is available in ecManager. Concretely, that means that ecManager customers (webshop operators) can implement the Livecom application on their website in order to always be able to contact their end customers in the right way.

Due to the collaboration with ecManager, customers have the ability to utilize a total solution: from a very advanced webshop through the most efficient means of handling customer contacts. Livecom and ecManager are quite complementary, and we look forward to the collaboration with the utmost confidence.