One web application for all customer contacts

In contact centres, manpower is often good for more than half of the total costs. Let customer contact employees respond more quickly with the customer contact platform from Livecom.

Livecom offers a modular total solution for (proactive) chat, Facebook Messenger, e-mail, telephony and/or self-service – integrated into one application.

Facebook Messenger

The new channel for an accessible way of communicating

Together with WhatsApp and WeChat Facebook Messenger has become one of the most used online chat channels between people. And many of us also want to use Facebook Messenger as a channel in our communication with the companies we do business with. We are more and longer online and do so primarily through our smartphone. Before the PC was the most important means to go online nowadays we use our cell phone for that. More than 40% of Dutch people have Facebook Messenger on his cellphone. When you offer your customers the opportunity to communicate through Facebook Messenger, you increase customer satisfaction, drastically.

Live Chat

The most efficient communication with online visitors

With our chat module, you increase customer satisfaction drastically. Live chat is not just a hip extra anymore, but a must-have: those who do not get answers to their questions fast enough today do not hesitate to turn to the competition. And not every potential customer wants to call on the phone or to e-mail!

Pro-active Chat

The fastest reactions to online opportunities and threats

With our module for proactive chat, you see exactly what visitors to your website are doing. Thanks to 'business rules' set in advance, the agents on your team can take advantage of every opportunity that can lead to conversion: bring potential dropouts back before it is too late.

Knowledge base

The most personal automated answers

With our powerful knowledge base, you kill two birds with one stone: you offer fantastic self-service, and you enable your employees to provide frequently requested information quickly and consistently without coming across as robotic. The 'personal touch' is still important!

Email Management

The highest productivity despite the volume of e-mails

With our extremely user-friendly e-mail response management solution, incoming e-mail messages and web forms are routed and processed in an intelligent way. Employees thus communicate consistently and efficiently with your customers.

Call Center Management

The smartest routing of telephone traffic

With our module for managing incoming phone calls, you get a better picture of your customers, and you are able to help them efficiently, without them having to wait needlessly. All the telephone traffic is intelligently routed to the right employees.

Professional Services

Together toward the optimal customer experience

The best customer service starts with good software, but the real work is done by the people in your customer contact centre. The knowledge about the customers and the products or services that they use lies with those employees. Livecom therefore keeps an eye on the total picture, and we work with you to come up with a solid plan for the long term. Nothing is thus left to chance.