Livecom Chat with Pre and Post Chat


For the online visitors to your website or portal, chatting is fast, free and low-barrier. In addition, the impression that an employee is available fosters trust for the online visitor. That makes live chat a mature communications channel.

Livecom Chat is also ideal for the employees in your customer contact centre: the application shows all the necessary context for the chatting visitor through an intuitive interface, so that the chat employee can respond efficiently to the issue in question. Thanks to management reports that can be set up in advance, you can optimize the processes of your organization more easily. The handling time for agents decreases, so that you save on operational costs.

Smart chat button

A commonly heard fear is: “Chat is too low-barrier for our situation, so that my employees will become flooded with chat requests.” Through the intelligent chat button, you can also choose only to show the chat button if certain conditions are met.

A visitor can, for example, only see the chat button if…

  • he or she visits the same product page for a third time;
  • the value of the shopping cart contents exceed 200 euros;
  • the visitor empties his or her shopping cart;
  • the visitor receives an error message while completing the web form;
  • the visitor takes a step back in the order process.

Behavioural targeting was never so easy! Contact us to see how the smart chat from Livecom can both increase customer satisfaction for your organization and lower costs.

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