Livecom Email

Do you have the goal of making the employees of your email team more productive? That is the purpose of Livecom Email Management. All incoming messages are automatically analysed for content, after which the module offers suggestions from the central multichannel knowledge bank. Cutting and pasting texts from other software is a thing of the past! This module gives managers the ability to track customer accounts, departments, specific groups, interactions, messages and knowledge bank data in real time. How many e-mails are processed per day and per agent? How long are the wait times for the various categories? Managers can also track the service levels and the performance of their people in real time and document this in reports, on the basis of specific Key Performance Indicators. The management and optimization of customer contact handling is thus made a good deal simpler.

What can you do with Livecom Email Management?

  • Set up extra searches and send answers automatically. Offer suggestions to employees automatically.
  • Have all messages automatically archived and categorized.
  • Increase efficiency by completing the customer picture: draw information and interaction history from all channels.
  • Access the central multichannel knowledge bank and search for detailed information. Receive comprehensive reports and real time warnings for operational performance management.
  • Set up workflow processes for managing incoming e-mails and web forms in advance. The module includes Service Level Agreement triggers to automatically route and monitor messages.


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