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Facebook Messenger has now become the no. 2 online chat channel between people. And many of us also want to use this channel in our communication with the companies where we are customer. We are more and longer online and do so primarily through our smartphone. Earlier the PC was the most important means to go online, nowadays we use our cell phone to go online. More than 40% of Dutch people have Facebook Messenger on their cellphone. When you offer your customers the opportunity to communicate through Facebook Messenger, you wll increase customer satisfaction drastically.


Facebook Messenger is a chat service, Facebook and worldwide more than 500 million users actively are using Messenger. Since Facebook disconnected the wall/website from messenger in 2014 it has become one of the most popular chat services, after WhatsApp. Because you can use Facebook Messenger on virtually all mobile platforms and the Facebook website it’s popularity has increased enormously in the last period.

Facebook Messenger efficient channel

The way Livecom has integrated this channel into its customer contact web application, enables your employees to act quickly and efficiently on incoming messenger messages. Incoming Messenger messages enter via a single API within the Livecom Fusebox customer contact, web application and can be handled by the logged-in customer contact agents. In addition, the conversation remains with the employee who picked up the first message until he or she has indicated in the application that the conversation has ended or the conversation was put back in the queue in order for other colleagues to handle it further.

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