Livecom Pro-active

Livecom Proactive Chat is in essence a user-friendly behaviour targeting tool combined with live chat, so that you increase both conversions and customer satisfaction. With each opportunity that presents itself, the module immediately alerts an employee who is answering a non-urgent customer question at that moment. The system thus functions as an intelligent sales assistant. A proactive chat request is sent, and if the online visitor accepts the request, then the selling begins!

Is there no employee available? This module is also interesting then: each missed opportunity is recorded and reported. Livecom Proactive Chat thus helps in recognizing trends and taking better advantage of future sales situations.

Handy Proactive Chat ‘business rules’

A visitor receives an invitation to a chat, for example:

  • he or she spends longer than 30 seconds on a page;
  • he or she moves the cursor more than three times over a certain header or text;
  • a partially completed input field remains unchanged for more than 20 seconds;
  • he or she has spent more than 500 euros in the last year on your website and is not visiting the same product page for the third time;
  • he or she has landed on a detail page via Google, but then does not click on the ‘request advice’ button.
  • he or she leaves the ‘frequently asked questions’ page without indicating having found the answer to his or her question.

And there are so many more possibilities! Contact us to discuss what we might be interesting for your situation.

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