Our Professional Services step-by-step

Step 1: implementation and configuration
The professional services start with the implementation process and with solid preparation. The set-up of the software and of your organization is determinative for the ultimate success. To serve you better, we first map your specific preferences. No two companies or organizations are the same. Livecom always delivers customization and is happy to put together a streamlined and realistic project plan with you. During an intensive kick-off, your customer service employees are given an explanation of the functionalities of the Livecom solutions. After that, we work together to determine the optimal set-up of these solutions.

Step 2: Training and coaching
Our experts can train your contact centre managers and/or employees in the optimal use of the Livecom platform. This ensures that your employees can take advantage of the many capabilities of the Livecom platform. On the day that you start using the platform, an expert from Livecom is available to assist you and make critical adjustments on site. Two weeks after the ‘go live’ day, the implementation is completed with the ‘Review and Interpretation’ report. The first experiences are analysed and explained.

Step 3: Support
As soon as your application is operational, the management will be taken over by the Support department. This team ensures that the application always works perfectly. In the support contract (SLA), all kinds of agreements will be established around service levels, which align with your ‘business needs’.

Step 4: Integration and other improvements
If you want to integrate the Livecom platform with other applications (CRM, ERP, CTI), then we are more than happy to help. We have a great deal of experience with designing and developing a Uniform Desktop for the employees of the contact centre, so that they do not constantly have to switch between different applications. Even after the implementation, we remain involved. With the help of our professional services, we are happy to help you with further improvements, in technical or organizational areas.

Livecom provides regular trainings, for example about the effective use of chat, organizing knowledge management or implementing ‘behavioural targeting’. We are only satisfied when you and your customers are!

There is, in short, a great deal possible. Livecom is also happy to serve your organization with our professional services!

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