Livecom WhatsApp

The most low-barrier means of communication

WhatsApp has become the number 1 online communication channel between people. And people also want to use this channel in their communication with organizations of which they are a customer or potential customer. It is the ultimate mobile online customer contact experience. When you offer your customers that option, you increase customer satisfaction drastically.

WhatsApp is an efficient channel

The way in which Livecom has integrated this channel into our customer contact web application enables your employees to handle incoming messages quickly and efficiently. Incoming WhatsApp messages come through one mobile phone number into the Livecom customer contact web application, and are then picked up and handled by the logged in customer contact employees. The conversation also remains with the employee who first picked up the message, until it is indicated in the application that the conversation is closed or the conversation is returned to the queue so that colleagues can further handle the conversation.



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Sending a WhatsApp message is more accessible than the contact form on the website of the municipality.

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