Since 2003, Livecom has developed powerful software to enable companies to communicate more effectively, effectively and commercially with their customers. Below you will find the stories of some of our customers and how they increased their online conversion, decreased their cost or got more satisfied customers with Livecom solutions. what can we do for you?

Faster response by chat – Municipality Rotterdam is going to work with Livecom

Municipalities are working hard to make asking questions simpler and more restrictive. Similarly, the municipality of Rotterdam. In July they attended our free inspiration session ‘Chat And The City’. About the possibilities and pitfalls of deploying text messaging channels, such as chat and Facebook Messenger. Especially for municipalities. Then we discussed the way they can reach their goals with chat. (more…)


The way in which BCC uses its customer contact channel ‘Live Chat’ can only be described as progressive in retail land. They don’t answer chat sessions from the central customer contact centre, but live from the shops. At the so-called ‘Chat points’. Customers love it, both customers who come to the shop as well as customers who shop online die online.

Livecom interviewed its customer BCC about this service: about how they come up with this idea, how they deploy it and about results, learnings and next steps. We from Livecom also give our view of this new phenomenon. To let the online and offline experience melt together further and further.

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Hogeschool Inholland

Hogeschool Inholland offers almost one hundred degree programmes at nine locations, spread across Noord and Zuid Holland, and even in Paramaribo, Suriname. Hogeschool Inholland, like any other company, wants to be as close to its target group as possible. In the case of the hogeschool: close to the students. ‘
And they feel e-mail is an official and therefore tougher means of communication,’

‘Chat use among youngsters is extremely popular because chatting is approachable and more relaxed than e-mail.’Inholland prefers Livecom because it doesn’t want to deploy the chat function as a gimmick in itself but as a solid marketing tool. […]

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Closer to the target group with Livecom Chat.

Jurgen ten Brummeler - Online Marketeer, Hogeschool Inholland


In 2017, Livecom’s chat application is active on Philips-websites in 23 countries and 22 languages, preceded by a pilot project in 2008.
That was when Livecom Chat – both the reactive as well as the pro-active variant – was implemented in the Swedish and British websites of Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

The result was clear: The pilot had to be extended, because the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for chat was remarkably higher than that for customer contact channels like e-mail and phone.

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We receive up to 15% less contact requests via email and phone since we’re offering Livecom Chat. The people who get stuck on our website have a way out via Proactive chat.

Global Process Manager, Philips

Dienstverlening Drechtsteden

Drechtsteden Service Provision is one of Livecom’s customers. We talked Michelle Dautzenberg, project leader at Drechtsteden Service Provision, about her vision on customer contact at municipalities. Michelle shares her experience with the channels they deploy to be in contact with citizens.

Being a project leader, Michelle is thinking about new solutions for their service provision to the customers of the Drechtsteden every day. Drechtsteden Service Provision works for the municipalities Dordrecht, Sliedrecht, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and Alblasserdam. In addition, they also work closely together with the cities of Papendrecht, Zwijndrecht and Hardinxveld-Giessendam. […]

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This way the customer contact in all these municipalities is taken to a higher level and I’m frankly quite proud of that.

Michelle Dautzenberg, Dienstverlening Drechtsteden

Stichting 113 Online

Stichting 113Online offers people with suicidal thoughts and/or behaviour, those involved and surviving relatives the opportunity to make contact via chat, e-mail or phone with professional therapists and carefully trained volunteers. For a platform such as 113Online chat is a logical communication channel, says web coordinator Anouk Romers. ‘Talking on the phone does not feel anonymous enough for everybody. Chatting is really accessible“. We have long talks about life and death; the connection may never be lost.”

When the foundation went to work with Livecom 6G Chat in 2010, 113Online was coming from a crisis situation where there were more failures than successes in the field of chat. ‘The application of Livecom was a relief,’ says Romers. […]

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The application of Livecom was a relief.

Anouk Romers - Webcoördinator, 113 Online

City of Midden-Drenthe

Livecom talked to Midden Drenthe municipality about the ways in which they are in contact with citizens about what they feel is important in customer contact and what their own experience has been. They are happy to share their vision so that other municipalities may profit from it as well.  They regularly receive phone calls from other municipalities asking them how they have structured the ‘modern’ channels. Municipalities are in the midst of innovating their service provision. […]

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It’s good to see that we can really help these customers now and they enjoy getting into contact with us this way.

Vincent Nevels, City of Midden Drenthe

Douwe Egberts

A lot of well-known companies use Livecom’s software in order to deliver a better, faster customer service via live chat, e-mail or self service. Douwe Egberts uses Livecom for all its channels.

Douwe Egberts Nederland is part of D.E Master Blenders 1753, an international coffee and tea company carrying a number of premium brands sold in over 45 countries. The business has approximately 7,500 employees worldwide.

The customer service team was looking for service-optimisation towards consumers. Next to a better system for e-mail handling, they also looked for a smarter way to present and process frequently asked questions. And thirdly, the desire to offer live chat to consumers to enable an easy and fast way to ask their question.

Livecom goes beyond what you would expect. It’s not that they go silent once the contract is signed. On the contrary: they keep thinking along and keep making suggestions.
Kerstin de Haan - manager Consumer Relations, Douwe Egberts

Municipality of The Hague

Digital service provision is a top priority for the municipality of The Hague and plays an important part in this. That is why the employees of the contact centre use Livecom’s chat application. The verdict: excellent!

The municipality of The Hague has a big ambition in the field of channel management. They chose Livecom, partly because their colleagues from Amersfoort – one of Livecom’s customers – were full of praise about the Livecom-chat application.

Employers dealing e-mail first tested the application for a month. The expectations at The Hague municipality were high, due to the success in Amersfoort. One of the objectives was that visitors would stay on the website because of the chat contact instead of picking up the phone or writing an e-mail.

The power of Livecom lies not only in developing good a good customer contact platform but also in the guidance during the entire process; from implementation, training to going live.
Luuk Sonnen, Municipality of The Hague

Hulpdienst Utrecht

Anyone who’s worried and is looking for advice or compassion can turn to the Chat support service Utrecht. Every Tuesday and Thursday trained volunteers are ready to answer anonymous chat requests from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.  They do this via Livecom’s user-friendly chat application.

The Utrecht Telephone Helpline, to which the chat support service belongs, has had years of experience with Livecom. ‘In April, when we splintered of a national cooperation we didn’t hesitate to once again deploy the Livecom-application for chat,’ says manager Malou Saat.

Livecom is a simple, user-friendly application with a great interface. It’s great that it only takes our volunteers one hour of technical instruction to do what they came here for: helping people who have problems.
Milou Staat, Hulpdienst Utrecht


A number of relief groups associated with the Belgische Centum Algemeen Welzijn have been using Livecom’s chat application since 2011 to be able to help people in need even better. The accessibility of this online means of communication is highly suitable for those wanting to ask anonymous questions.

It concerns the following websites:

  • – support service for people with questions about child sex abuse;
  • – support service for people wanting to speak anonymously about their worries, fears and problems;
  • – emergency service for people with suicide thoughts, and their family and friends;
  • (Child and youth help line) – support service for children and youngsters who have questions or problems;
  • – support service for people with questions about gay/lesbian/bi sexuality;
  • – support service for victims of violence looking for anonymous help via internet;
  • – support service for hogeschool  and university students wanting to express their feelings during exam periods;
  • – support service for youngsters from 12 to 25 years who have questions about anything and everything.


Customer support is something Examenadviesburo does very well. In August 2012, this specialist in certifying professionals went to work with the Livecom 6G-package (Email, Self service, Live Chat and Pro-active Chat). Would managing director Maurice Simonis recommend this package to others? “Without any doubt; it’s something I cannot do without.”

Examenadviesburo BV knows what the exact opportunities are in the field of customer support. The 7 customer service representative have therefore been chatting with online visitors for 2 years ‘It took some getting used to in the beginning of course, but in the meantime chatting has become fully embedded.

Thanks to the knowledge base it has become much easier to better manage my people. I can see what’s going on in a glimpse. What’s not going well, what types of questions are being asked? Who responds quickly, who can do better? And I haven’t even begun perusing the statistics. I simply cannot do without this package anymore.

Maurice Simonis - Algemeen directeur, Examenadviesburo


Anyone wanting to come into contact with Freo about an existing or new loan doesn’t have to hold the line or wait for an e-mail anymore because the lender has been working with Livecom Chat since 2012.

Freo is a trade name of The Lage Landen Financiering and part of the Rabobank Groep. In the past Freo received five stars for its consumptive credits in the field of pricing for several consecutive years. Both Freo’s Personal loans as well as Revolving Credits have once again ended up being the cheapest consumer choice.   This is made clear from extensive research by financial research company MoneyView.

Livecom is therefore looking forward to welcome Freo as one of its customers and is convinced that the threshold to a good loan will be further lowered with Livecom’s chat application used by Freo.

CZ Verzekeringen

The Central Health insurer – better known as CZ – is not only active in health, but also on the internet. visitors can now ask their questions via chat.  CZ has been satisfactorily using Livecom’s web-based chat application since 2011.

Rotterdam University


Attract more students, how do you do that? By helping potential whiz kids as much as possible in their search for the right education. They do this at Rotterdam University: visitors to the website have been able to chat with the willing study advisors of this knowledge institute since 2011.

Thanks to the cooperation with Livecom, has grown into a fully-fledged contact channel. Almost every page features a prominent button with the text: ‘Short study question? Chat with an information officer. “The study advisors are regularly available on Saturday even for questions.

And they are there, because Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers approximately 100 programs in almost all sectors. Just choosing a training course – fully realizing that it makes a big mark on the rest of your career – is not reserved for most young people. Moreover, the range of colleges is large. Schools with clear information and low-threshold contact options are more likely to convince students than closed institutions.

That is why Hogeschool Rotterdam not only offers its online visitors a direct chat conversation, but also the option to take a tour of the website together with the study advisor. During such a visit, the visitor is guided through the website with the help of a study advisor synchronized. And so the threshold for registration is significantly reduced.

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