Attract more students, how do you do that? By helping potential whiz kids as much as possible in their search for the right education. They do this at Rotterdam University: visitors to the website have been able to chat with the willing study advisors of this knowledge institute since 2011.

Thanks to the cooperation with Livecom, has grown into a fully-fledged contact channel. Almost every page features a prominent button with the text: ‘Short study question? Chat with an information officer. “The study advisors are regularly available on Saturday even for questions.

And they are there, because Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers approximately 100 programs in almost all sectors. Just choosing a training course – fully realizing that it makes a big mark on the rest of your career – is not reserved for most young people. Moreover, the range of colleges is large. Schools with clear information and low-threshold contact options are more likely to convince students than closed institutions.

That is why Hogeschool Rotterdam not only offers its online visitors a direct chat conversation, but also the option to take a tour of the website together with the study advisor. During such a visit, the visitor is guided through the website with the help of a study advisor synchronized. And so the threshold for registration is significantly reduced.

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