The Municipality of Midden-Drenthe communicates with residents via chat and WhatsApp from Livecom

The Municipality of Midden-Drenthe uses chat and WhatsApp for communicating with residents and visitors. The municipality wants to be open for new technologies in order to serve residents better. In that context, the Municipality of Midden-Drenthe responded to the growing need of citizens to make it simpler to communicate with the KCC through various channels. The municipality therefore decided to utilize chat and WhatsApp in addition to telephony for contact with residents.


The Municipality of Midden-Drenthe has been using telephony for years for communication between employees and citizens, as well as email and chat in the customer contact environment. Since 2009, the Municipality of Midden-Drenthe has been using the chat application from Livecom. The expectation of the municipality is that this traffic will not decrease, but that the total traffic will increase as people start using WhatsApp, and that this will make the municipality easier to reach for all kinds of questions and notifications. Because you can handle multiple chats at once with chat applications and Livecom is able to blend the chat and WhatsApp into one application, the municipality can help more people. WhatsApp as a service channel is drawing a great deal of interest from many KCCs due to the low barrier of the channel and the connection with the spirit of the age. A close relationship with residents and fast, clear and easy service delivery are very much appreciated by residents.


Sales manager Davey Martowidjojo from Livecom International is proud of the collaboration with the Municipality of Midden-Drenthe. “We see that our efforts in doing the fine-tuning together with the KCC has resulted in a real partnership, and this results in a great deal of valuable feedback for us from the KCC staff. This feedback enables us to make our systems even better. Due to the leading role taken on by the Municipality of Midden-Drenthe and the Municipality of The Hague, the Municipalities of Dordrecht and Sliedrecht are moving quickly to follow their lead. By utilizing the channels of chat and WhatsApp, these municipalities are able, together with Livecom, to build a new bridge to the citizenn.

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