113Online chooses the call centre solution from Livecom

113Online chooses the call centre solution from Livecom

November 3, 2016

113Online chooses the call centre solution from Livecom

Amsterdam / Amsterdam, Oktober 2016 – Next to the chat functionality, 113Online has now also chosen to utilize the call centre solution of Livecom as their customer channel.

Satisfied customer

113Online has been a satisfied customer of Livecom for years. They sue the web application from Livecom to handle chats. This call centre expansion in the customer contact environment offers 113Online the ability to handle multiple channels (telephony and chat) simultaneously.


The contacts via the chat and by phone are confidential, safe and trusted. People experience no barriers to asking questions about their psychological emergency or about suicidality. The road to professional assistance is created in a simple way.

Anouk Romers, Web Coordinator, 113Online: By being able to offer chat and telephone as an integrated system, we now have a system that is user-friendly and efficient for our volunteer. And even more important: with this we elevate the services to a higher plane, and more people who desperately need our help can reach us more quickly.

About 113Online:
The 113Online foundation is an independent, self-funded care provider in the area of suicide prevention. 113Online offers contact options via the internet and telephone for people with suicidal thoughts and/or feelings, their families, concerned parties, professionals and those closest to them. 113Online is on the side of life, and tries to find an escape from the desperation. Religious or ideological backgrounds do not play a role in this. Anonymity is a high priority, and the opinion of the person seeking help is always respected.