Livecom is a global leading provider of omnichannel Contact Center, Voicemail, Interactive Voice Response & Missed Call Alert.

About Livecom

Livecom B.V. is an international company with its headquarters in the Netherlands. Livecom has a strong and well know investor named Channel Holding B.V., a Dutch investment group. The specialties of Livecom are in connectivity and communications solution for the Telecom and Enterprise market. Livecom operates globally and has many customers all around the world. Livecom is not just one of the normal solution companies, we see ourselves as a partner for our customers.

Livecom is a global leading provider of omnichannel Contact Center, Voicemail, Interactive Voice Response and Missed Call Alert solutions. Our commitment to product, and services quality, combined with in-depth business and technological know-how, is key to our ongoing success and growth. Livecom develops solutions with a strong focus on the integration of voice, web and mobile to enable our customers for optimal customer contact.

The Livecom multichannel communication service delivery platform helps companies to communicate effectively and in a consistent way towards their customers.


Livecom originally was founded in 2003 and was the first provider of commercial chat in the Netherlands, a phenomenon that was hardly known at that time. Today, chat has grown into a mature customer contact channel, and Livecom Chat has been utilized for years by well-known companies from all kinds of sectors. In 2014 Livecom and Comsys went into a partnership to combine their strength and to implement the Voice solutions in the Contact Center. Comsys was (and still is) an international player in voice solutions such as Voicemail, Interactive Voice Response, Missed Call Alert and Call Center.

In 2018 Livecom & Comsys were taken over by Artilium and merged into one organization with the focus on Value Added Services, in 2019 Artilium was taken over by Pareteum. In 2022 parts of Pareteum were taken over by Channel Holding. Channel Holding recognized the tremendous quality of the people and the potential of the software and customers. Channel Holding decided to continue the Value Added Services businesses and make them successful to their full potential to continue the business under the original name of Livecom.