What are Missed Call Alerts?

What are Missed Call Alerts?

January 8, 2024

What are Missed Call Alerts?

Missed Call Alert (MCA) are notifications (MCN) that inform you when you have missed a phone call. These alerts can be helpful in situations where you are unable to answer your phone. As well as if you were unable to hear the phone ringing due to background noise or other distractions. Furthermore, when you did not have network coverage, or the phone was switched off.

How are Missed Call Alerts used?

The usage is very simple and straight forward. The Missed Call Notification can be delivered in a variety of ways, depending on your phone and your service provider. In addtion some phones may display a notification on the screen when you have missed a call. While others may send a notification to your email or text messaging app. Of course most commonly service providers also offer the option to receive missed call alerts via SMS or push notifications on your phone.

In addition to simply alerting, you that you have missed a call, they may also include information about the caller. Information such as their name and phone number. This can be helpful in determining whether the call was important or not. Hence you can decide if you need to return the call right away or if it can wait.

For example: The alerts/notifications can also be especially useful for business owners or people who rely on their phone for work. If you are unable to answer your phone due to a meeting or other engagement. Altogether Missed call alerts can help you stay informed about who is trying to reach you.

How to set up Missed Call Alerts?

To activate it on your phone, you’ll need to check with your service provider to see what options are available. Some service providers may offer the solutions as a standard feature, while others may require you to opt-in to receive them. You may also be able to configure it in your phone’s settings, depending on the model and operating system you are using. However in most cases the MCA is activated when you turn off your Voicemail on your mobile device.

The user experience of the person who calls (calling party).

If your Telecom Operator, has setup a proper MCA solution and you cannot reach the person you call you will hear a Voice announcement. Usually, this announcement informs you why the call failed like not answered, not reachable, busy. After which a missed call notification is sent to the person you called. As a result both the caller and the called person are informed and will be happy.

Missed Call Alerts in relation to the MNO, MVNO and MVNE

In the telecommunications industry keeping subscribers informed is crucial, catering to various market segments such as Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs). Moreover, MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs can use missed call alerts strategically to improve their Call Completion rates, leading to increased revenue. They should offer MCA, to stay competitive and meet evolving customer expectations.

Let’s explore how Missed Call Alerts impact each of these markets.

1. MNOs (Mobile Network Operators):

Mobile Network Operators are at the forefront of providing telecommunication services to end-users. Missed Call Notifications contribute significantly to the overall user experience. MNOs can leverage missed call alerts to enhance subscriber satisfaction by ensuring that users are promptly informed about missed calls. In short, this feature helps reduce the frustration of users who might have missed important calls due to various reasons, such as network unavailability or the phone being switched off.

2. MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators):

As virtual operators that rely on the infrastructure of MNOs, MVNOs can benefit from integrating the MCA services into their offerings. This feature becomes a valuable differentiator, enhancing the perceived value of their services among subscribers. MVNOs can collaborate with MNOs to ensure seamless integration, contributing to subscriber satisfaction and loyalty.

3. MVNEs (Mobile Virtual Network Enablers):

MVNEs play a pivotal role in enabling MVNOs to operate efficiently. They can facilitate the integration of MCA solution into the services offered by MVNOs. As a result, MVNEs contribute to the overall success of MVNOs in the market, consequently helping them attract and retain subscribers by providing a comprehensive and reliable communication experience.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts for Missed Call Alert?

Implementing Missed Call Alerts effectively requires attention to certain do’s and don’ts to ensure a positive user experience and seamless integration into telecommunication services. By adhering to the below do’s and don’ts, providers can optimize the implementation of alerts, ensuring a positive experience for users across different telecommunication markets.

The Do’s are:

User-Friendly Setup
Provide an easy and intuitive setup process for users to enable or disable alerts. Ensure that instructions are clear, and users can configure preferences easily.

Multi-Channel Delivery Options
Offer flexibility in delivery options. Allow users to receive missed call notifications through various channels, such as SMS, email, push notifications, or on-screen notifications.

Caller Information Inclusion
Include relevant information about the caller in the notifications. Providing details like the caller’s name and number enhances the usefulness of the alert and helps users prioritize callbacks.

Integration with Voicemail
Ensure seamless integration with Voicemail services. Users should have the option to receive alerts even if voicemail is enabled, providing a comprehensive communication experience.

Reliability and Timeliness
Make sure that notifications/alerts are delivered reliably and in a timely manner. Delays or missed notifications can result in a negative user experience.

Privacy Considerations
Prioritize user privacy. Clearly communicate how caller information is handled and assure users that their data is secure. Provide options for users to control the level of information displayed in the alert.

The Don’ts are:

Intrusive Alerts
Make alerts overly intrusive. Avoid disrupting the user with excessively loud or persistent notifications that may cause annoyance.

Limited Channel Options
Restrict users to a single delivery channel. Offering a variety of options ensures that users can choose the method that best suits their preferences and needs.

Incomplete Caller Information
Provide incomplete or inaccurate information about the caller. Inaccuracies can lead to confusion, and users may disregard the alerts if they are not confident in the provided details.

Complicated Configuration
Make the setup process overly complicated. Keep it simple and straightforward to encourage users to activate the MCA feature.

Unreliable Delivery
Compromise on the reliability of missed call alert delivery. Users rely on these alerts to stay informed, and any inconsistency can result in frustration.

Neglecting Security Measures
Overlooking security measures. Implement encryption and other security features to protect caller information transmitted in the alerts.

Ignoring User Feedback
You should not ignore user feedback. Regularly collect and analyze feedback to identify areas for improvement and address any issues promptly.

Example revenue calculation

In the scenario below, we examine the potential revenue impact of implementing MCA for a subscriber base of 25.000. By emphasizing increased call completion rates as a key driver, we aim to illustrate the financial considerations associated with this feature. Keep in mind that these are simplified projections, and actual results depend on a nuanced analysis of market conditions and operator-specific factors.


  • Incremental revenue Call Completion for each completed call using the solution: €0,05
  • Average number of completed calls per subscriber per month: 10
  • Subscriber base using Missed Call Alert: 25000


Incremental Revenue per Subscriber:
Incremental Revenue per Subscriber = Incremental Revenue per Completed Call * Average Completed Calls per Month. Incremental Revenue per Subscriber = €0,05 * 10 = €0,50

Total Monthly Incremental Revenue:
Monthly Total Incremental Revenue = Incremental Revenue per Subscriber * Subscriber Base. Total Monthly Incremental Revenue = €0,50 * 25.000 = €12.500

Total Annual Incremental Revenue:
Annual Total Incremental Revenue = Total Monthly Incremental Revenue * 12 (months). Total Annual Incremental Revenue = €12.500 * 12 = €150.000

What is the future of Missed Call Alerts?

It’s difficult to predict the exact future of MCA, as it will depend on how technology and communication practices evolve over time. However, since people will always keep calling each other it is safe to assume that they stay.

For sure they will become more personalized, considering the caller’s location, language, and other factors to provide more relevant and targeted alerts. For example, a missed call alert may be delivered in the caller’s preferred language or include local information based on their location.

Overall, the future of MCA is likely to be influenced by the wider evolution of communication technologies and practices. By leveraging advanced technologies and adopting more personalized and multichannel approaches, missed call alerts may become an even more effective and convenient way for businesses and individuals to stay connected and informed.

Summary about Missed Call Alerts

In summary Missed call alerts are notifications that inform you when you have missed a phone call. These alerts can be delivered in a variety of ways and may include information about the caller. Therefore they are useful for everybody. For Telecom Operators, MVNO, etc. the missed call alerts increase the Call Completion (and revenue) and subscriber satisfaction.

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