Chat is a popular contact channel at study information team of Hogeschool Rotterdam

28 November 2017|Customer News, Customer News, Customer News, Customer News|

More than 35,000 students study at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Current and future students have questions all year round about which study is the best for them, what it is exactly that they can do with their diploma and questions about the registration process and how they can be eligible for a study. Yearly, Study information team conducts over 30,000 talks with students via the desk, phone, e-mail and web chat. […]

Faster response by chat – Municipality Rotterdam is going to work with Livecom

13 November 2017|Government, Press Releases|

Municipalities are working hard to make asking questions simpler and more restrictive. Similarly, the municipality of Rotterdam. In July they attended our free inspiration session ‘Chat And The City’. About the possibilities and pitfalls of deploying text messaging channels, such as chat and Facebook Messenger. Especially for municipalities. Then we discussed the way they can reach their goals with chat. […]

The chat solution of BCC

29 September 2017|Trends & market development|

Live chat with website visitors from shops The way in which BCC uses its ‘Live Chat’ chat solution can only be described as special and progressive in retail land. Chat sessions aren’t answered from the central customer contact centre, but live from the shops: at the so-called ‘Chat points’. Customers love it; both customers who come into the shops and customers who shop online. Livecom talked to its customer, BCC, about this new service. […]

Municipalities struggle with ‘socials’ – flashback to 2017 VNG Year conference 2017

28 June 2017|About Livecom, Uncategorized|

On 13 and 14 June, Livecom was present at the VNG Year conference in Goes. A conference specifically for the municipality market where council members, aldermen and mayors from all over the country got together to get to know each other – with ‘Professionalism’ as its theme. […]

Customer contact at municipalities – a talk to Drechtsteden

9 June 2017|Uncategorized|

Drechtsteden Service Provision is one of Livecom’s customers. We talked to Michelle Dautzenberg, project leader at Drechtsteden Service Provision, about her view on customer contact at municipalities. Michelle shares her experience with the channels they deploy to be in contact with citizens. […]

Customer contact at municipalities in 2017 – a talk to gemeente Midden Drenthe

9 June 2017|Customer News, Trends & market development, Trends & market development, Trends & market development, Trends & market development|

Livecom talked to Midden Drenthe municipality about the ways in which they are in contact with their citizens.  What they feel is important in customer contact and we asked about their experiences. They’re happy to share their view so that other municipalities can also benefit from it. They regularly receive calls from other municipalities asking them how they have structured the ‘modern’ channels. Municipalities are in the midst of innovation of their service provision. […]

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