Municipalities are working hard to make asking questions simpler and more restrictive. Similarly, the municipality of Rotterdam. In July they attended our free inspiration session ‘Chat And The City’. About the possibilities and pitfalls of deploying text messaging channels, such as chat and Facebook Messenger. Especially for municipalities. Then we discussed the way they can reach their goals with chat.

One of the goals is that citizens get easier to answer their questions through chat contact. The municipality of Rotterdam hopes to increase accessibility to citizens and make it easier by using chat. An additional channel next to telephony and email.

The municipality of Rotterdam is going to take a step by step chat. They start with the youth box and the question mark.

Mirjam Janssen, Project Manager Digital Services, Municipality of Rotterdam.
“Livecom’s experience with other municipalities played a major part in our choice. We also notice that our questions and comments are answered promptly and adequately. And that’s very nice! We do this as a municipality for the first time, so it’s very nice to work together with a company that is with us and is flexible. “

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