Customer contact with citizens changes rapidly – Livecom present at 2017 VNG Conference

8 June 2017|About Livecom|

The VNG Annual Congress 2017 took place in Goes on 13 and 14 June. Council members, aldermen and mayors from all over the country got together to get to know each other – with ’Professionalism’ as the overarching theme. Key words such as ‘local attention’, ‘regional cooperation’, ‘interaction’ and ‘adding public value’ are more topical than ever within municipalities. […]

Implementing Facebook Messenger safely and successfully at city hall

7 April 2017|Trends & market development|

Facebook Messenger is ideal for business use. In this article we explain how to use this channel successfully and how to do it safely. During the past years Livecom has helped many municipalities with organizing their customer service and webcare. To lower the contact threshold for citizens and be more accessible and improve efficiency for themselves. What is almost the most important for municipalities, is the fact that it is used safely and the privacy of citizens can be ensured. […]

5x customer contact trends, omnichannel to IoT

17 March 2017|Trends & market development|

Technological developments are at full speed these days. What’s new today is conidered standard tomorrow. Good to regularly dwell on customer contact trends and new developments. In February and March 2017 Livecom participated in two international conferences for the contact center and mobile industry. We would like to share the trends and developments that will be of influence the coming three years, in relation to contact centers and customer contact. […]

Release notes March 2017

7 March 2017|Other|

We have worked on quite a few new updates these last months and are implementing these in the new release we are rolling out in March. Check out the list of features and fixes: General Agent is now able to set his own password New updated wysiwyg editor Fixed numerous issues. Voice Transfer to other campaign Added additional Voice / Call center features Chat Inline chat improvements Added possibility to route to specific agent Mail Improved performance when HTML text is included Knowledge base Option to make it responsive  

Livecom exhibiting and speaking at CCW 2017 in Berlin

7 December 2016|Uncategorized|

From february 21th until February 23rd 2017 Livecom will be exhibiting and speaking at the International Conference and Trade Show on the Customer Service, Communication and Contact Centre Industry at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin (CCW). As you have probably noticed lately, our industry is constantly changing. Companies are bought out, discussions are under way about offshoring services because of the impending prohibition of work on Sundays and about whether robots will be able to take over humans’ jobs in the future. […]

May we introduce to you: Han Beukers

25 November 2016|Other|

Since 1 November, Han Beukers has been filling the role of Sales and Marketing Manager at Livecom: a new function that fits with our growth goals. Han has as his most important tasks providing customers with the best solutions and developing new markets. Who is Han, and what drives him? He is happy to introduce himself. […]

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