Channel Holding launches Livecom

Channel Holding launches Livecom

August 8, 2022

Channel Holding launches Livecom

Rotterdam August 31, 2022 – today Channel Holding B.V. announces that is has launched Livecom B.V. (formally known as Pareteum B.V.), which is one of the acquired entities of the Nasdaq listed Pareteum Corporation, Inc in July 2022.

Moving forward Pareteum B.V. will operate under the name Livecom B.V.

Livecom B.V. offers a unique set of software solutions with a multi-channel Contact Center solution and specialized voice products like Interactive Voice Response, Voicemail and Missed Call Alert.

“I am very pleased with the launch of Livecom B.V. and believe together we will take how businesses and people connect to the next level. We foresee a tremendous growth in global online communication and connectivity and with Livecom B.V. reinforce our position in this space.” says Markwin Maring, Channel Holding’s Chairman.

Walter Botman, Livecom’ s new CEO commented, “I am very pleased and happy to say that we are going back to our roots and core business, that we can focus and specialise on our impressive suite of solutions and to continue our strong relationships with national and international business. The name Livecom really supports this.”

Livecom will be empowering businesses and people to deliver unique customer service experiences with highly skilled people. Existing and new customers will profit from the new company because of the strong focus on value added services solutions such as Contact Center, Voicemail, Interactive Voice Response and Missed Call Alert. Livecom will be offering these solutions in the international telecom and enterprise markets.

About Livecom B.V.

Livecom B.V. is an international company with its headquarters in The Netherlands and is a market leader in the areas of customer connectivity, communication, and online conversion solutions, allowing companies to improve their Customer Service Experiences. Livecom offers a multi-channel service delivery platform for your all-channel customer communication. Livecom delivers the solutions globally, on premise, in the public/private Cloud, on the customers environment/Cloud or in a Hybrid model. Livecom is convinced that the need for clear and easily accessible solutions will continue to grow in the future. Together with our customers, we have achieved excellent results in the field of customer contact in recent years.

About Channel Holding B.V.

Channel Holding B.V. is an independent investment vehicle with a focus on b-to-b communications software platforms and channels. Channel Holding is owned by a group of Dutch and Belgium private equity investors, all with an entrepreneurial and investor background. We strongly believe in the future of fully integrated telecommunication Software-as-a-services-Solutions, which enable companies and communities to interact, communicate and provide personalized relevant information and services instantly through safe and efficient communications channels. Channel Holding builds on an international portfolio of companies providing SaaS and telecom solutions for MVNO, Wifi, Text Messaging and IoT.