A lot of well-known companies use Livecom’s software in order to deliver a better, faster customer service via live chat, e-mail or self service. Douwe Egberts uses Livecom for all its channels.

Douwe Egberts Nederland is part of D.E Master Blenders 1753, an international coffee and tea company carrying a number of premium brands sold in over 45 countries. The business has approximately 7,500 employees worldwide.

The customer service team was looking for service-optimisation towards consumers. Next to a better system for e-mail handling, they also looked for a smarter way to present and process frequently asked questions. And thirdly, the desire to offer live chat to consumers to enable an easy and fast way to ask their question.

Livecom goes beyond what you would expect. It’s not that they go silent once the contract is signed. On the contrary: they keep thinking along and keep making suggestions.
Kerstin de Haan - manager Consumer Relations, Douwe Egberts