Telecommunicatiebedrijf (Telesur) Suriname selects the Voicemail of Livecom

Telecommunicatiebedrijf (Telesur) Suriname selects the Voicemail of Livecom

September 9, 2022

Telecommunicatiebedrijf (Telesur) Suriname Voicemail of Livecom.

Suriname/The Netherlands, 26 September 2022 – Telecommunicatiebedrijf (Telesur) the national & largest Telecom Operator in Suriname has selected the next generation Voicemail of Livecom. Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname is expanding the already delivered and active cloud-based Service Delivery platform with Livecom’s Voicemail solution.

Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname will be using the Voicemail solution to provide an additional service to her subscribers. The voicemail will be deployed next to the already active Contact Center which is used to for handling incoming calls in relation to the services of Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname and next to the IVR which is leveraged for other services such as time announcements, lottery results, prepaid balance, etc.

Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname delivers a lot of services in Suriname such as Fixed Telephony, Mobile Telephony (Brand: Tele.G.), Internet Provider, Data Networks and Television Stations.

Walter Botman, Chief Executive Officer of Livecom stated “We are very delighted that Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname has selected our Voicemail solution as an expansion to the Contact Center and IVR solution. We are looking forward continuing our good and strong relationship in the future”.

The Voicemail solution of Livecom is exceptionally flexible, facilitating multiple Class of Service (COS) definitions and offering more than a hundred different settings and options. The Livecom Voicemail is multi-tenant and multilingual and contains many standard features to facilitate integrations. It can be used for mobile and fixed (landline) subscribers.

The Livecom Contact Center solution is a true multi-channel platform which handles all customer contact channels from a single Customer Interaction Management (CIM) environment. All channels such as inbound/outbound call, webchat, email are integrated so Call Center Representatives have a 360-degree view of all contacts and customer details. Call Center Representatives have a single, easy to use application so they can help customers faster and better. The CIM can also be integrated to an external CRM to optimize the user experience and customer data availability.

The Livecom IVR includes a graphical flow builder in which IVR flows can very easily be created, changed, saved and published in a matter of minutes. The unique graphical user interface makes use of drag & drop functionality and automatically draws the IVR flows in such a way that the user can see the actual call flow. The IVR flows can be placed in front in the Contact Center and also used for other self-services.

About Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname:
Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname is a government owned full telecommunication company, founded in 1981. The Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname mission statement is to facilitate communication through innovative market-based solutions. For more information about Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname visit:

About Livecom:
Livecom is an international company with its headquarters in The Netherlands and is a market leader in the areas of customer connectivity, communication, and online conversion solutions, allowing companies to improve their Customer Service Experiences. Livecom offers a multi-channel service delivery platform for your all-channel customer communication. Livecom delivers the solutions globally, on premise, in the public/private Cloud, on the customers environment/Cloud or in a Hybrid model. Livecom is convinced that the need for clear and easily accessible solutions will continue to grow in the future. Together with our customers, we have achieved excellent results in the field of customer contact in recent years.