Ziggo decided to use the Voicemail of Comsys for their Mobile platform

Ziggo decided to use the Voicemail of Comsys for their Mobile platform

June 5, 2012

Ziggo decided to use the Voicemail of Comsys for their Mobile platform.

Utrecht, Soesterberg, July 2012 – Ziggo based with the Headquarter based in the Netherlands has decided to use the current Voicemail system of Comsys also for the mobile network. This means the Voicemail system of Comsys will be used for both fixed as mobile customers as Ziggo.

Walter Botman, Managing Director at Comsys Telecom & Media: “We are very delighted that Ziggo will use the Comsys Voicemail system for all off their customers.”

The Comsys SpeechFrame platform supports multiple products and solutions simultaneously in the same environment. The Unified Voicemail solution contains an XML interface for provisioning and GUI settings enabling customer portal integration, configuration of multiple groups, configuration of user settings (such as voicemail to email, message waiting indication, upload / download voicemail announcements and call completion increase. Due to the flexible call detail records the solution can be easily integrated with billing systems.

The SpeechFrame® platform will be geographically spread over multiple locations thus creating redundancy. This gives the highest availability to Ziggo and their customers. The platform will handle ISUP and SIP combined, providing Ziggo the best flexibility as possible.

About Ziggo:
Ziggo wants its customers to experience the largest possible convenience and fun in the field of information, communication and entertainment in a continually changing world. Ziggo is a national media and communications services provider. Ziggo serves around 3 million households, 1.8 million broadband Internet customers, 2.2 million digital television customers and 1.4 million telephone subscribers. Our products and services for the small and large business markets comprise telephony, data communications and electronic payment systems. The enterprise owns a next-generation-network through which they can supply bandwidth for all future services expected at present. Our coverage extends across the whole of the Netherlands and has a strong regional presence.