Stichting 113Online offers people with suicidal thoughts and/or behaviour, those involved and surviving relatives the opportunity to make contact via chat, e-mail or phone with professional therapists and carefully trained volunteers. For a platform such as 113Online chat is a logical communication channel, says web coordinator Anouk Romers. ‘Talking on the phone does not feel anonymous enough for everybody. Chatting is really accessible“. We have long talks about life and death; the connection may never be lost.”

When the foundation went to work with Livecom 6G Chat in 2010, 113Online was coming from a crisis situation where there were more failures than successes in the field of chat. ‘The application of Livecom was a relief,’ says Romers. […]

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The application of Livecom was a relief.

Anouk Romers - Webcoördinator, 113 Online