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Livecom Call Centre ensures that all available customer information is automatically linked to incoming or outgoing calls. You get a real time view of the important user statistics, such as the number of incoming calls per given timeframe, the classification of these conversations, the number of calls per agent or group, the average conversation length and much more.

Each contact thus becomes personal

Customers appreciate personal contact. Customers often experience a contact as more personal if the agent has a good idea of what is going on and has gone on. Thanks to Livecom Call Centre, you can see who is calling and when you last had contact with this customer. You immediately see all the details and can easily add a note for your colleagues.

Maintain the overview

With Livecom Call Centre, you can see how long all telephone calls take and which agents are available at a given moment. The data is easy to organize, and it is possible to display all the data on one large screen. The agents are thus just as well informed about the state of affairs as you are as the manager.

What can you do with Livecom Call Centre Management?

  • Suitable for incoming and outgoing calls (also mixed)
  • With an extensively adjustable (graphically) Voice Response environment (IVR);
  • With real-time dashboards;
  • With call logging capabilities;
  • Optional telephone survey;
  • Document new customer profiles in real time on the basis of incoming calls;
  • Route calls on the basis of origin or customer profile to the right department;
  • Classify conversations and gain more insight into the things that are important to your customers;
  • Upload your own opening and closing messages and wait time music, even by group;
  • Make your own calendars per department and/or for incoming and outcoming calls;
  • Set the colours and thresholds online for the dashboards and reports.
  • Make notations that are only accessible for other employees. This information will be added to new or existing customer profiles; employees thus get insight into the contact history with each new contact.

Do you have existing service numbers that you want to bring to us? No problem: we will handle the porting.

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