Since 1 November, Han Beukers has been filling the role of Sales and Marketing Manager at Livecom: a new function that fits with our growth goals. Han has as his most important tasks providing customers with the best solutions and developing new markets. Who is Han, and what drives him? He is happy to introduce himself.

Coming home

I have been working my whole life in ICT and telecommunications and, when working with Comsys Telecom and Media, have already collaborated with Walter Botman (CEO Livecom). That made it even better when Walter called me with the challenge of working with Livecom again here. Livecom offers one web application for all your customer contacts and has a need for extra sales and marketing capacity. It is our job to ensure that the growth goals are realized. My commercial drive and experience in the area of marketing and sales connect well with the wishes of Livecom to develop new markets.

Every company benefits from innovative communications technology for realizing even better customer contact and standing out from the competitors. The great thing about Livecom, I think, is that the company has ambition, wants to grow further, but is still small enough that the lines in the company and the whole Artilium group are short and you stay informed of what results are achieved. Transparency and trust are important starting points for this. It felt like coming home from the first moment that I stepped inside.


What characterizes me is that I say what I do and I do what I say. I think in terms of possibilities even if the challenge sometimes seems great. That is how we can make a success of this as a team.


Outside my work, music and DJing is an important outlet for me. I devote my free time to preparing and creating a weekly radio programme on RTV Krimpenerwaard. I was born in Rotterdam and, after a great deal of exploration in the Netherlands and abroad, I have been living in Rotterdam again for the last 8 years. I am married and have a son and a bonus daughter, my wife works as a repair coordinator for an international company for signal lighting. My bonus daughter recently began a great 6-month-long hiking adventure through New Zealand, and my son is starting his career in 3D modelling for games; I think it is really cool to see how he has found his passion.