A great many well-known companies use the software of Livecom to deliver better, faster customer service via live chat, e-mail or self-service. Ziggo is one of them.

This national provider of television, internet and telephony services for individuals, and of telephony, data communication and electronic payment options for companies, serves around 2.8 million households in 56% of the Netherlands. Ziggo is listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.

The story of Ziggo

Helping customers to connect and become involved when it comes to information, communication and entertainment – that is important for Ziggo. Those who want to know more about the services of Ziggo or who want to order a product are assisted via the contact channel that he or she prefers.

Live chat from Livecom has been part of the contact options offered by Ziggo since 2010, a point on which Ziggo far outpaced the competition. The chat pilot of 3 months showed that live chat clearly met a need: online visitors in the middle of a decision-making process appeared to enjoy being able to ask their in-depth questions without having to switch to an offline channel. With that, Ziggo put itself on the map as a company that placed a high priority on the online customer experience.

Time for a shift to professionalization

Live chat was initially a small channel for Ziggo, with a brief history. A great deal had to be done for it to become accepted internally. “How can we get more out of it? How do other companies do that? And what successes have they achieved? I asked those questions of Livecom”, says Miryam Siegers, Channel Manager for Sales. “Together, we analysed the best practices of successful companies like Douwe Egberts and Philips. It was clear to me fairly quickly that it was time for a shift to professionalization.”

Today, live chat is developing into a mature sales channel for Ziggo. “As a big supporter of live chat, I have worked hard on that”, Miryam says. “In 2012, I became responsible within Ziggo for the chat channel. I started to study the capabilities of chat, and how I could use this channel within Ziggo as efficiently as possible. From there, I started the strategic repositioning of the chat channel within our online environment. That has worked well.”

Step 1: redesign the online environment

First, the website was optimized for live chat. The chat button is therefore shown more prominently on the product pages, with a focus on the important All-in-1 product page. “And in recent months, we have enjoyed a great deal of success with placing chat buttons in e-mails that we sent to customers and prospects”, Miryam says. “We have received substantially more chat requests during a direct mailing campaign like that. The conversion via chat rises visibly when a chat button is placed in a direct mail.”

Next to repositioning the chat button, Ziggo wants to expand the number of chat buttons in a short time, and to start with the proactive chat version.

Step 2: quality boost of chat employees

The voice channels have made great strides in efficiency, something that is still ongoing within the chat channel. The chat agents play a big role in the development of the quality plan, according to Miryam. “They work directly with the application, and they have live chat contact with the customers.”

Together with the chat agents, Miryam developed a vision for chat, in which various trainings and written conversation techniques are used to lift the chat contact to a higher plane. Key points in this: personal contact, more empathy and minimal use of macros.

During the repositioning and the quality improvement, Livecom is ready to help Ziggo to get the best out of the application, the agents and the chat channel. “Livecom has a very user-friendly chat application that the agents master quickly. I only hear positive things about it; everyone is very enthusiastic, including the managers, who can easily get their daily management information from the reports.”

Results and the future

The satisfaction is high on the side of the chatting visitors: a high percentage indicate being satisfied to very satisfied with the chat service and intending to chat again in the future. “But the difference from a few years ago is especially in the number of chat requests”, Miryam says. “We see a doubling in 2014 relative to 2013.”

And the number of requests will only continue increasing: next to the current chat channel, in which the focus is on product-related questions and sales, the chat functionality of Livecom will soon be utilized by the service employees of Ziggo as well. This will be an important support for the self-service on ziggo.nl. “In addition to product-related questions, online visitors can then also ask questions about service via live chat. I am very happy about that. Ziggo’s higher goal is to maintain a long-term and satisfied relationship with customers, including online. Service via chat is absolutely a part of that.”

About Livecom

Livecom, founded in 2003, is the market leader in the Benelux in the area of customer contact software and online conversion solutions. The Livecom modules, such as Live Chat, Self Service and Email Management, enable companies like Philips, Ziggo and BMW to help customers more efficiently. You can find more information on our website.